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Vitality Chiropractic Kids' Care Program

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The news today is filled with stories of how the isolation during this pandemic is causing people to be under unprecedented levels of stress.

And, kids have it worse than anyone!

Childhood is the part of their lives when they need to socialize, when they are supposed to be learning how to get by in the world - to interact with their peers and with authority figures.

This has been stripped from them. This is tremendously stressful and the results are showing. Child therapists say depression and suicide attempts are way up, children acting out. Even kids that are showing no outward signs are not getting the developmental stimuli they need.

That’s why we have created our Vitality Kids Program.

It is designed to reduce children’s stress on several levels, as well as correct the effects stress has had on them thus far.

We do that in several ways:

  • Using proven Pediatric Chiropractic Techniques to reduce/eliminate the physical pressure on your child’s nervous system caused by subluxation.
  • We use NeuroEmotional Technique to remove emotional blocks that may persist, keeping your child from coping with stress now and in the future.
  • Traumatic stress can even cause the brain to get out of balance. In that case, Quantum Neural Reset Therapy would be the approach we’d take to restore your child’s balance.
  • Even with the best diet, the body and nervous system can need some extra Nutritional Support to be at its best.

The support we offer can make a world of difference!

Here's what you can expect with our signature process:

  • Your child's first appointment consists of a series of non-invasive, very gentle exams that will help us get a full spectrum of their current health and any issues they may be facing.

  • We use the latest scientific measuring devices to get a snapshot of your child's stress response (this is important!)

  • We will sit down 1-on-1 to discuss the health concerns that you have. We will answer your questions during this time so that you have a clear understanding of how our care works.

  • On a follow-up visit, we will walk you through the results of our exams. We will show you a personal health plan that includes our strategy for improving your child's health quickly and effectively so that they can thrive. This includes the estimated number of visits, how often we will perform additional exams, and the costs associated with our care.

  • Once we agree to the right care for your child, we will schedule for next set of appointments and begin care very quickly so that we can work together towards your health goals!

As a special, limited time offer, we are donating 100% of your child's $40 new patient exam fees to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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